Sunday, 3 May 2009

It Was A Style Developed Out Of Necessity.

Some of you might have heard the name Max Schaaf, or maybe you recognize it from some old skate video you used to watch. Max, like a lot of us, wasn't blessed with a fat bank account when he discovered bikes. And like most people who figure out how to get what they want with as little out of pocket expense as possible, what Max lacked in cash flow he more than made up for in ingenuity. So he started with a beat-up basket case bike, and with some serious horse trading skills and some natural mechanical ability, turned it into a really cool bike. It didn't take long for the "skinny skater kid" to become a familiar face at all of the bike swap meets in the Bay Area. Pretty soon he went from being known as "the skinny skater kid" to "Max with the really cool Shovelhead."

Read the interview they did on him here!

Photography by Scott Pommier
Via Street Chopper