Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Conference of Birds A/W 09

Conference of Birds, see the entire S/S & A/W 09 collection here.


Awaydays, is a movie about teenage angst, football hooliganism, drugs, rock n’ roll, and fashion. Based on a bestselling novel by Kevin Sampson. Set in Birkenhead, England in 1979, the film follows 19-year-old Paul Carty, who somehow finds his way to become a member of the Pack. The Pack is popular for their effeminate style, wedge haircuts, Lacoste tennis shirts, Adidas trainers, and Lois Jeans, and they are the rivals of other gangs such as the Bootboys and the Boneheads. Awaydays open in May. See the trailer below.

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Collete Launches The Selby Shop

The Selby Show at colette will be up from March 30th until May 2nd 2009. It will include paintings, photos and written interviews with people from around the world including Los Angeles, New York, Mexico, London, Sydney and Paris. The Selby Paris book is being produced for colette and will be released April 2009 at the opening of The Selby Paris show. This book is limited to 250 copies. The spines of each book are hand painted red white and blue. All the books are signed and numbered by The Selby. The world premiere of The Selby's first film will also occur at this show, it is entitled "Down Under Book Porn". More info here.

Kitsune S/S 09 - Somebody, Somewhere

Here are some look of Kitsune S/S 09 collection. Aesthetically, very clean and minimalist. See the entire collection here.


Here's CTRL S/S 09, go deeper here!

Cosmic Dudes

Cosmic Dudes is an independant online record store specialized in hard to find cosmic disco and electronic avantgarde from the late 70s. Founded Jan 2009 by 2 longtime friends with roots in Germany and France. For many years they have been sharing the love for obscure disco. They offer a selection of unearthed treasures. A lot of well kept secrets are put on the shelf here.

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Kills Love Meadowlark

They absolutely love Meadowlark, the Auckland-based jeweler designers, and wore it on stage. See the full story and their entire collection here.

Photos by Lucy Hunt

God's Prey Vol. II - White Witch

Here's the second mixtape download series from the great God's Prey, called "White Witch". This Vol. 2 will take you to a place of outergalactic shoegaze visions. Grab 'em here. Now!

1½: Heartbreak

Introducing Nikicio’s second line called (Oneandahalf). They experiment with the classics and inject a handful dose of humor and attitude. Nina still offers a smart fabric that can be worn a variety of ways - twist, detach, attach, drape, or even dance with the clothes. More images and infos here. Don't forget to see the entire collection here.

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You can also see her blogroll at Daily Whatnot


Here are some preview from the debut of Balmain menswear collection. More info here.

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Seneca Rising

Grab 'em here.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Supply x Suicidal Tendencies

Sydney-based, Supply, is known to be one of the premier purveyors of hard to find goods in the world. Here are some preview of their latest collection, including our favorites Suicidal Tendencies tees/longsleeves collab and "Morbid Visions". More images here.

Maiden Noir - Spring 09

Here are some Spring 09 look from Seattle-based label, Maiden Noir. See their complete collection here.

We Are Experienced

Danielle Levitt is a New York-based photographer with a wide following in the fashion and art worlds. She arrived at her distinctive photographic style capturing street fashion, pop culture, and celebrity for countless publications. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, GQ, and Arena Homme Plus. While producing this commercial work, Levitt also pursued her passion for documenting American youth. The result is "We Are Experienced". Enjoy more images here.

Warriors of Radness

Here are some preview of Warriors of Radness Spring 09 collection. Enjoy and don't forget to check their entire styles here.

Thursday, 26 March 2009


This is what the world has been waiting for, RockersNYC S/S 09: THE CHURCH OF THE RAD MIND video lookbook! Completely slayyy!!! Without a doubt, they're always be one of our favorite label. On this season, they took their cut & sew to the heights of Kilimanjaro and back down to the streets of the Lower East Side. They went deeper than awesome and put together a collection of tees that speak to the radness! We couldn't be more stoked! Completely love it, specially the"Loco's Only" tees and the "Blind Destruction" tees! Many thanks to Sean Reveron! Now watch this killer video lookbook and let church begin! RockersNYC S/S 09: THE CHURCH OF THE RAD MIND in stores SOON!!!

RockersNYC Spring/Summer 09 LOOKBOOK
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P.A.M. S/S 09 "Magic Messages"

Here are the latest collection from P.A.M. S/S 09 - "Magic Messages". On this collection, the Australian duo represents their ideas with bold geometric patterns, surreal graphics and psychedelic prints. More info here.

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Beatrice Boyle

Beatrice Boyle has designed a range of tees, tank dresses and vests for Brown Focus with her art. The sinister, distressed aesthetic of her work is something that is intentional. More info here.

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