Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ace of Spades

Heineken U.K. is bringing Kronenbourg 1664 back to the small screens with the first TV support for the premium lager brand since 2006 with the launch of "Slow the Pace", a new integrated advertising campaign which broke last week.

The first execution in the new campaign shows iconic rock band MOTÖRHEAD performing a slowed down version of their classic track "Ace of Spades" (available for free download here).

30 years to the month since it was first written, the track has been specially re-written by the band for a Kronenbourg 1664 campaign that will encompass TV, press and digital advertising, a short-film documentary and a social media activity.

More info here!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Attack Of The Ghost Riders

The Raveonettes Live in Concert at New Majestic!!!

Be there!!!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Youth Is Forever Presents: BLITZKRIEG – SPUKHAFT!

For all the fang bangers come join us for a throat sucking, blood gurgling night in a vampires lair from hell! Live forever and dress up as a vampire and join your fellow immortals dancing to a ghoulish mix of Indie Electro + House! Come join if you dare to live forever!

Friday 29th 0f October 2010
At Phoenix Jakarta
Jalan Wijaya 1 No. 25 Jakarta Selatan

Backalley (Dj set)
Teenage Illonaires
HPDC X Jimmy Heartache (Marah Laut)


Uber Damage X Black Flake: "Time For Heroes"

Uber Damage X Black Flake. Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Maja House,Bandung.

"Time For Heroes" Costume Party! Dress up as your ICON, and win kick ass prizes!!!

Be there!!!

"The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition by Monstore

Monstore's "The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition was held on the 15th of October until the 17th of October 2010. It was an exhibition dedicated to feature the amazing artworks ofthe talented Scene Stealers, in conjunction to launch the Monstore x The Trees and The Wild collaboration products. On the opening day, The Trees and The Wild performed an acoustic set of their favorite tracks, including an exclusive debut of their new soon to be released single as a token of the launch of the collaboration product which is available now online here.

Guests and attendees was offered an array of exquisite artworks to view by all the artists that is now united under the Scene Stealers community, which was established by Monstore as a forum and community for local and international artists both known and up and coming, to express themselves and collaborate creatively with Monstore. United under the Scene Stealers community are familiar names such as Stereoflow, Woyk, Araji, Danot, Monez and international artist such as Manuel Heischel and Balint Gelley, and also talented newcomers such as Ryan Tandya, Randy Rahardja, Varsam, and Lia.

Go here for future scarytales updates!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Italians Do It Better

Italians Do It Better is the brainchild of Mike Simonetti and Johnny Jewel of Glass Candy. Their music is categorized as Electronica, Disco Punk and Italo Disco which has a distinct, futuristic and spacey sound created using synthesizers, drum machine and vocoders.

Potato Head collaborating with Ashram and DailyWhatNot is proud to present two International artist from the niche Italo Disco genre: Glass Candy and Chromatics! Under the New York based record label Italians Do It Better, there two inspiring artist will join force to bring a spectacular live performance for the first time in Indonesia. So head down to Potato Head and witness how the Italians Do I Better!

For more info, please go here!

Glass Candy - 'Feeling Without Touching' from Travis Peterson on Vimeo.

Wolves of Chernobyl

Scion A/V Video: Municipal Waste - Wolves of Chernobyl from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

Potato Head: Trick R' Treat !!!

SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 31 Oct.
Halloween Special Edition, 10:00 - 17:00
Trick r' Treat! Come to Sunday Food Market, Halloween special edition Sunday 31st of October. Bring your own basket and treat your children and friends with their unique selections from our favorite vendors. Try their Gourmet Barbecue specially made outdoor with homemade sausages, ribs and delicious sides! Paired with their Halloween pumpkin punch stationed outdoor where
everyone can have a quenching sip!
Here's a preview:
~Barbecue with Halloween special sides dishes
~Traditional Pumpkin Punch
~Halloween Style Bake Sale
~Pumpkin Hazelnut Doughnuts
~Muddy Cake
~Lasagna & Hot Dogs
~Mac and Cheese
~ Red Velvet Cupcakes
~Banana Loafs & Brownies
~Dark Choco Rum Cakes
~Sweet Homemade Jams
and many more surprises!

Kids Activity
Coloring and decoration with mini pumpkins!
(Take it home with you)

Be there!!!

RottenFresh Collective (rf.c) is back

They're back! After their extended so-called "surf trip" and they are proud to present their brand new website: RottenFresh.com

The new identity and website launch sets the stage for a new era of RottenFresh. Check them out here!

RockersNYC x Forfex present: Psychocandy Spaceboots for F/W 2010

RockersNYC and Forfex are proud to present "Psychocandy Spaceboots" for Fall/Winter 2010. Both of them are unconventional brands who highly value creativity, and this collaboration was an invaluable chance for them to create together! These are not your typical sneakers! They created something that reflects their own weird personal styles and offers something different for their confident customers. The Psychocandy Spaceboots are available now on SlamJam and in stores all around Italy and worldwide. To celebrate Psychocandy Spaceboots, they also co-released a limited edition fanzine and poster, featuring cover artwork by Rick Clayton, page art by Meghan MacRae and photography by Sean Reveron. Stay tuned for a closer look at the fanzine and poster.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Arkiv Vilmansa: Riding Curves


"Since his debut in 2005, Indonesian artist Arkiv Vilmansa has become a prominent name in the lowbrow art and designer toy cultures. His work has been featured in galleries in the U.S., Germany and Indonesia, and he has collaborated with artists and companies including Huck Gee, Disney Asia, Something.Ill, Pot Meets Pop, Adfunture, Plastic Culture and My Tummy Toys.
Vilmansa pegs childhood characters and his architecture background as significant influences on his art. “I like a few animals that have an aura of evil and (are) also funny,” he said, citing Mickey Mouse, pandas and killer whales as examples – all of which helped spawn Vilmansa’s iconic “Arkiv” character. But it all begins with that bold, curvy style, reminiscent of graffiti art.
“The marker is a weapon. As an architect I always start everything with the lines.”

Solo Exhibition:

July 2009 @ Art Asylum Boston Gallery "Art Strikes Back", United States
November 2009 @ ONEWAY Gallery Taipei "Perfect Symetry", Taiwan
October 2010 @ Vivi Yip Art Room "Riding Curves", Indonesia
November 2010 @ Gaby Dela Merced (VinylonVinyl) Gallery Manila, Philippines
March 2011 @ Vincent Michael Gallery POrtland, United States
May 2011 @ ToyArtGallery Los Angeles, United States
June 2011 @ Zimmermann & Heitmann Gallery Dortmund, Germany
June 2011 @ Artscouting Gallery Berlin, Germany

Arkiv Vilmansa
"Riding Curves" Exhibition
Opening: Saturday, 23rd October 2010 at 5pm
Vivi Yip Art Room 2
Annexe Ciputra World Marketing Gallery
Jalan Prof Satrio Kav 11

Casablanca, Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +6221 52905706

RockersNYC: WHY? Vol.1 Mixtape

RockersNYC Fall/Winter 2010 "A New Day Rising" is proud to present the WHY? Vol. 1 Mixtape download! WHY Vol. 1 pays tribute to the early 90s hip-hop scene, when the rebels ruled the airwaves! This mixtape meshes Public Enemy, Kool Keith, Showbiz & AG, The D.O.C. and more...it's time to free our braincells and fight back! Now download it here!!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monstore: The Scene Stealers

Opening Day
Friday, 15th October 2010
7 pm onwards
Performance by The Trees & The Wild with their never-been-heard-before new single
Monstore x The Trees & The Wild Limited Series Launching
The Trees & The Wild Photo Exhibition

Arts Exhibition
15th-17th October 2010
Monstore's Scene Stealers Arts Exhibition
Monstore's Latest Collections


RockersNYC and Actual Pain are proud to present: TOTAL MAYHEM !!!

This is their first collabo release for Fall/Winter 2010 season, A New Day Rising. Although both brands have worked together for many years, this is the first time they have created an official collabo piece. To celebrate the release of the TOTAL MAYHEM tee, they have each curated a mix tape for free downloading - Vol. 1 by RockersNYC and Vol. 2 by Actual Pain.

1. The Black Angels : 18 Years
2. A Place to Bury Strangers : Exploding Head
3. Jesu : Medicine
4. Olde Growth : Awake
5. Shrinebuilder : Science Of Anger
6. Buzzoven : should i
7. Black Breath : Unholy Virgin
8. Skaven : Like The Worms that Crawl the Earth
9. Buzzoven : should i

1. Chantels “Prayee”
2. Amon Düül II “Pale Gallery”
3. Bulldozer “Don’t Trust The Saint”
4. Agalloch “You Were But a Ghost in my Arms”
5. Eroc “Kleine Eva”
6. Darkthrone “I am the Graves of the 80s”
7. Leslie Gore “You Don’t Own Me”
8. Krzysztof Komeda/Mia Farrow “Lullaby”

Also, stay tuned for exclusive interviews by and of Sean and T.J. coming to the Rockers blog this week...