Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition by Monstore

Monstore's "The Scene Stealers" Arts Exhibition was held on the 15th of October until the 17th of October 2010. It was an exhibition dedicated to feature the amazing artworks ofthe talented Scene Stealers, in conjunction to launch the Monstore x The Trees and The Wild collaboration products. On the opening day, The Trees and The Wild performed an acoustic set of their favorite tracks, including an exclusive debut of their new soon to be released single as a token of the launch of the collaboration product which is available now online here.

Guests and attendees was offered an array of exquisite artworks to view by all the artists that is now united under the Scene Stealers community, which was established by Monstore as a forum and community for local and international artists both known and up and coming, to express themselves and collaborate creatively with Monstore. United under the Scene Stealers community are familiar names such as Stereoflow, Woyk, Araji, Danot, Monez and international artist such as Manuel Heischel and Balint Gelley, and also talented newcomers such as Ryan Tandya, Randy Rahardja, Varsam, and Lia.

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