Thursday, 12 March 2009

God's Prey - Fall/Winter 09 "The Night Marchers

We have been stoked since Sean told us about his new project couple weeks ago called God's Prey. So, we just saw it last night and we completely in love with everything on their collection. It is phenomenal! They totally killed it with that amazing black vest and travel bag as well. As for the colors, it seems they explore further into their psychedelic/stoner rock influences. Definitely, this gonna be one of our favorite label in 2009.

Anyhow, God's Prey was born from the outer-galactic design team of Meghan MacRae and Sean Reveron. Together they took a cosmic journey and created a brand that speaks to the celestial being in us all. They are focused on designing garments for both women and men that capture their inner energy, and on pushing the boundaries of originality by making art with clothing.

For their first Fall/Winter season, "The Night Marchers", will feature high quality cut and sew with subtle luxurious details. They use custom 40-singles t-shirt bodies to make each shirt a special piece. God’s Prey uses only the highest quality fabrics, materials and notions for all of their garments, and all clothing is 100% made in the USA. When an individual wears a God’s Prey piece, they will feel the quality and the uniqueness of the garment. Don't forget to check their complete collection here!