Thursday, 4 June 2009

Still Loving Youth By S.C.A.N.D.A.L.

So here’s S.C.A.N.D.A.L. , a sub-division of UNKL347 and also a small multi-disciplinary studio, which dabbles in various creative areas, including print matter, design, video, photography, exhibitions and more besides. Still Loving Youth is one of their main projects, published every three months.

Still Loving Youth (SLY) can be described as a multi-format medium of life, music, movie/video, fashion and art. SLY offers a forum, discourse or collaboration for works by both famous, unknown and emerging artists from around the world, as well as personalities, fashion designers, musicians and other institutions (governmental, Non-Governmental Organization, Industrial Company). The collaborators produce their personal interpretations on a theme, thus giving unparalleled freedom to push SLY’s original format. The first edition of Still Loving Youth is now available and ready to spread a little colour, some stories and thoughts. More info here!