Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Proud Parents Holiday 2009 "Backyard Memories"

In putting together Proud Parents Holiday 2009 Collection "Backyard Memories", Muqliza Imroni and Resida Irmine opted to recollect romantic and sentimental moments of what it's like to be growing up in the late 90s. Inspired by first loves, diaphanous cinematography such as Sofia Coppola's adaptation of Jeffrey Eugenides's Virgin Suicides, and delicate underthings; the aftermath is a collection that is all things soft, sensitive, gathered in intricate details, followed by flirtatious prints in pastel colors, and an occasional shot of heartbreak.

Proud Parents "Backyard Memories" will be available at A.O.D Pop-Up Store starting August 29th, 2009. View their complete collection here.