Sunday, 27 September 2009

16DS: An Affair to Remember

16DS are proud to present Sir Dandy (Teenage Death Star) and Cagi (Majic/FAR) as the artist for 16DS collaborative project in their newest collection, "An Affair to Remember".

An Affair to Remember: Oct , 10th 2009

a co//aboration by 16DS X Sir Dandy & 16DS X Suite 16DS by Cagi

Sixteen D-Scale Store . Paris Van Java Bandung


Sir Dandy is best known as an artist and musician. His passion in art and music starts with only ballpoint doodles and meaningless lyrics, but thus were only small starts. Sir Dandy lives to play music and draw, not the other way around. "Death/Glory" will be incorporates Sir dandy iconic drawings which especially made on 16DS collection from range of limited edition denim jacket and jeans.

Cagi is our bestfriend, after her return from London, she spends most of time by busy taking care her child, drawing, designing, and painting for several art exhibitions. Her subtle movement has inspired 16DS to do collaborative projects. After previous amazing collaboration project, "Damsel in Distress", 16DS continue their engagement for the love of fashion.

Suite 16DS is grow out from influence from the beauty of her surroundings. Cagi's collection borrowed from cultural feminine references which adorned unbalanced emotions, love cliches, overdo makeups, or for short.. the chaos. The collection itself will be present in various dress and denim that fits adult women's ego, Suite that suit you.