Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Trapped Under Vice, Vol. II.

Another mixtape for Vice from Fenriz, called Trapped Under Vice, Vol. II. Even though the cover looks very metal, it content only non-metal tracks. This time Fenriz travel to the rock of 1968-1978, all across the globe from Iceland to Australia, by choosing psychedelic & progressive rock tunes. Enjoy it here!

1. Fever Tree (USA) “Filigree & Shadow” (1968)
2. Ice Cross (Iceland) “Jesus Freaks” (1978)
3. Caravan (UK) “Cecil Rons” (and it’s Rons not Runs) (1968)
4. Gun (UK) “Race with the Devil” (1968)
5. Spooky Tooth (UK) “Better by You, Better Than Me” (1969)
6. Lucifer’s Friend (Germany/UK) “Lucifer’s Friend” (1970)
7. Cactus (USA) “Parchman Farm” (1970)
8. Scorpion (USA) “Take A Look At Yourself” (1969)
9. Sit Lord Baltimore (USA) ‘Lady of Fire” (1970)
10. Black Widow (UK) “In Ancient Days” (1970)
11. The Open Mind (UK) “Thor, the Thunder God” (1969)
12. Flax (Norway) “Demon in Your Heart” (1976)
13. Lobby Loyde & The Coloured Balls (Australia) “Human Being” (1973)
14. Amon Düül II (Germany) “Archangel [Live]” (1975)
15. Jane (Germany) “Janesession” (1975)
16. Black Oak Arkansas (USA) “When Electricity Came to Arkansas [Live]” (1973)