Thursday, 30 April 2009

Actual Pain Presents: Fenriz "At the Mountains of Madness" Mixtape

Actual Pain is proud to announce the release of an exclusive mixtape by none other than Fenriz of the legendary band Darkthrone. They asked him to compile about a half hours worth of music that he is listening to at the moment along with some of his all time favorites. Download it here and enjoy it!

From Fenriz,

"Every time I heard this "Total Eclipse" by Alan Parsons, I thought "I gotta use this in a mix, it's got that perfect space Odyssey 2001 vibe, kinda like the long version of the intro to Celtic Frost's "Into the Crypts of Rays". It's cold.

So I go from cold to beautiful but still lo fi sad/melancholic on the "Without Reason" track from Pegase. One of the best songs I heard last year. To tie it up to Christian Death, I needed a middle song, a bridge. and I found that in "Nowa Aleksandira" by Siekiera, like is it punk, is it new wave, is it goth...and the tempo works well with the previous Pegase track..and so comes the Romeo's Distress, long time favourite of mine since I discovered it in the 80s, a DJ favourite of both me and Einar from INFERNÖ/BEYOND DAWN, VIRUS etc. The whole album is a scorcher.

Then since the tape should only be 30 minutes long, I needed a short link to something more metal, and after Christian Death I'd have to go with Septic Death or Rudimentary Peni, i thought. I got that rudi-track from a fellow music freak from Australia (hi Andrew) and that track is so instant. Before the behemoth of "Sight of the Wise" with Sacrilege. Everyone plays their 1st album, I usually go on about the 2nd one as the rifforama on it is priceless - it was hard to get into as a kid but that album is the gift that keeps on giving. I get totally lost in it. Then to just continue the WHAT IS IT style, i blast the first track of the Sindrome demo from 87/88, this was the vocalist of Chicago gods Devastation's new band, and one of the most professional demos of the 80s. I've been playing it for 21 years straight!

So, as a weird break and link to both the eerie intro AND the organ on the before mentioned Sacrilege track, I shoot in one heavy psalm that a master DJ here in Oslo burnt me, totally obscure vinyl oldie... and it continues with the intro to the recently discovered "At the Mountains of Madness" by Blackfeather, thanks to Peter in Wolf 359 for showing me that shocker from 1971.


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nikicio Vol.4: WAR

Nikicio's fourth collection celebrates the irreconcilable differences that ultimately make us human. The fine line between love and hate is mirrored in every piece. Each piece is a fascinating insight into the designer's psyche-a beautiful, wearable statement about the collision between love and hate.

Nikicio Vol.04 is going to be showcased during Audi Fashion Festival 2009 in Singapore.

It will be held at Nge Ann City Fashion Tent, at 7th May 2009.

The event is showcasing three major designers: Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood, and Gareth Pugh. So exciting!

Julius MA F/W 09

Here's some excellent looks from Japanese-based label, Julius, titled MA. They developing a cult in Japan and a growing international presence since it was created in 2001 by designer Tatsuro Horikawa.

"I am obsessed with the image of black and its role in Zen. It is the colour of complete and utter grief and represents the madness hidden in the shadows.’’ - Horikawa.

Via Scoute

Sou Brette: The Unpublished Collection

"The Unpublished Collection" was a collection before Fiction Romance. Due to personal reasons, these pieces never made it to production.

Now, Sou Brette have decided to share the love with all of you. These will be for sale at Brightspot Market "A 4 Day Market of All Things Cool" starting tomorrow Thursday April 30th (invitation only) and Friday May 1st until Sunday May 3rd (open for public) at EX groundfloor, Plaza Indonesia.

For the reason that it was never produced, there is only ONE item for sale per each design (a total of 6 designs). See more images here.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A.O.D. S/S 2009 - Preview

A.O.D. pop-up shop will open its doors again starting Sunday, May 10th 2009 at 8:00 PM sharp. Here is the preview from their Spring Summer 2009 collection

Proud Parents

The new Proud Parents collection, felicitously named "Femme Fatale", promises to reveal the more classically seductive side of femininity. Additional surprises this season include the premiere of Proud Parents' own textile design, printed tees as an homage to fashion's greatest, and an inspired collaboration with Sou Brette.


Bizarre is mostly based on strange things, music, life and creatures. This statement in fact illustrates the design of this season “Mess is the new Meth”, which is a mess and all over the place, taken from the deepest level of hell.


The theme for Notorious this season is "Counterfeit of A Tale." A theme gifted by the past. A theme dormant in the today's subconcious. A theme brewed for future legacy.

For more info go visit them here!

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 09 - 10

So stoked to see Ann Demeulemeester F/W 09 - 10 collection. Perfect!

Backyard Bill

Outstanding photography from Backyard Bill, features stylish folks in their own clothes. Totally rad!