Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Howler Terror Club: Kill The Lights

The Howler Terror Club now comes out a new range of Photography Series “Kill The Lights”. Presenting a spanking new line that brings a T-shirt not just a T-shirt. It becomes a canvas of working project. Presenting a collaboration of Jakarta based self-taught photographer and graphic designer Agan Harahap, whose works has already hindrance across the world of art and journalism, has the ambiance of an intelligent photography. Remixing the darkside antiheroes with supervillains. THTC seen it as the break to discover his works and beyond. Apart from the Indonesian photographer, THTC also featured William Hacker , Stuart Leech and Demed. Some captured on stage moments, and some holds a disturbing serene ambience on their works. All to add the collection of photography in this series.