Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Child Of The Jago: Zenarchy - AW11

A Child Of The Jago do not consider themselves a fashion company. Their total disregard for fashion trends and fashion predictions set them apart with a distinctly unique view. Their design process involves more “what do we want to wear ourselves” rather than what do we think is a current fashionable trend. This is where Britain’s real heritage lies...a heritage that has been swept under the cultural carpet and hidden behind a smokescreen of pseudo British tradition manufactured in China for the mass market.

Simon Armitage and Joseph Corré aka A Child Of The Jago presented their new Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection, The Oath Of The Canting Crew, at a disused Victorian warehouse next door to their famous East End boutique, followed by a dance-off between the tribes of the Jago from the east and the buffalo gals of Worlds End in the west until the early hours. A good time was had by all to the sounds of rock and roll, rhythm and blues and disco classics. See the entire collection here!