Sunday, 22 July 2007


Fergus Purcell (a.k.a. Fergadelic) not only designs for Tonite, but has also created designs and logos for Silas, Hysteric Glamour and X-Girl Japan. His designs often combine the stoner aesthetics of prog rock and classic metal with a subversive sense of humour that seems straight from the pages of Robert Crumb and Viz comics. Fergadelic’s signature style is dictated by thematic elements – skulls, sci-fi, skate iconography, music-related graphics – but it isn’t dominated by just one technique. Often combining pen and ink drawings, hard edged vector graphics, photo –realist air brushing and collage.

Fergadelic is also a member of post-acid-house outfit 5 Mic Cluster (alongside esteemed techno producer Mark Broom), a roving participant in “prog-doom-disco collective” Chrome Hoof, and drummer/vocalist for The Changes, an “international art band” with BAPE designer SK8thing (a.k.a. Shin) and Australian design team Perks and Mini.

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