Sunday, 22 July 2007

T-shirt Song

JD Samson

Occupation: Musician (Le Tigre/Peaches). General lady about town
How did you come about this t-shirt? I've had it for years. Since i was a kid, and i still wear it
Why is it your favourite? Well i've had it for so long. i loved then, and i still love it now. Reminds me when i was little. And you know i am still kind of a kid inside
Favourite Song? (If you want it) Do it yourself by Gloria Gaynor. It is the disco track to wake you up in the morning. And sometimes i really need that

Cat Hartwell

Occupation: Daytime Hustler. Musician (Holy Hail)
How did you come about this t-shirt? Well, it actually belongs to my boyfriend who found it in a thrift store pile somewhere in Africa
Why is it your favourite? Aside from it being the softest shirt i've ever felt in my life, there's also the obvious; it's a fucking G'N'R shirt from Africa?! I remember the first time Justin let me wear it and keep it for a couple of weeks, and thinking, he loves this shirt, now that must be real trust, right?
Favourite Song? Snoop Dogg with Ain't No Fun

Tyler Pope

Occupation: Coffee drinker. Musician (!!!/LCD Soundsystem)
How did you come about this t-shirt? It is a friend of mines and as soon as i saw it i was obsessed. So i borrow it from her, when i need it
Why is it your favourite? I am a fan of Damien Hirst and i like skulls. Well anatomical skulls. It is kind a stoner right now...thinking about what is under our skin. I also like the title of the shirt, the illusive truth. It's just rad as a piece
Favourite Song? Popping My Collar by the boys from 36Mafia

Yoko Nono

Occupation: Writer. Musician (Apache Beat)
How did you come about this t-shirt? I stole it from a friend who stole it from her brother. He has had it since he was a skater punk back in the day
Why is it your favourite? It is an animal chin shirt and reminds me of being a little kid and my hilarious skating attempts, which rightly developed by the grave fear of breaking my teeth. I still have that fear
Favourite Song? If someone could get Thrill Of It All by Roxy Music out of my head, my life would be a little less dramatic, and a little more boring

James Iha

Occupation: Navy Seal. Musician (Smashing Pumpkins/ A Perfect Circle)
How did you come about this t-shirt? I bought this in Vegas, as a good luck shirt to wear before i went on a Navy Seal mission. My platoon exiled from our beach landing site at dawn and we were fired upon, luckily a gunship took them out with 20mm rounds. I thank this shirt
Why is it your favourite? I still have the blood of my foes on this decorated t-shirt and i moum the loss of all good people
Favourite Song? Bob Dylan's Knocking On Heaven's Door

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