Thursday, 13 March 2008

HPDC: RockersNYC Exclusive Interview

RockersNYC is a Lower East Side streetwear company that its built on originality and music as the foundation of their inspiration. Most of their designs are heavily influenced by Jamaican Reggae culture, Punk Rock, Speed Metal, Hip Hop & Rasta because these cultures inspired them with their rebelliousness and intelligence. Believe me, they cover streetwear culture like it has never been seen before!
Now, HPDC have an amazing opportunity to have a small interview with its founder, which are Marcus Burrowes and Sean Reveron. Here, we're allowed to discover their ideas behind RockersNYC latest S/S 08 collection, "The Sound & Fury".
Enjoy it!

Hows it goin mate.
MB: Wicked!
SR: It’s all gravy…totally hyphy…smiles kill war!

So, what are you into at the moment?
SR: Fruit smoothies…bike rides…creating epic gear…post-punk…grindcore…taking flicks!

Cool! Grindcore Rules!!! Haha..


You just released your latest S/S 08 collection, why the name "THE SOUND & FURY"?
SR: Music was the theme of this season…we brought the sound…& killed it with fury!

What's the philosophy behind the new season SS 08 collection?
SR: Rules are made to be broken…music rules & war kills!


What was the first time you were exposed to the punk/speed metal?
MB: I was exposed to the Clash and the Ramones before, but in 1984 I was 10 and I discovered Suicidal Tendencies’ "Institutionalized" and Black Flag, and it was on!

SR: I was first exposed to hardcore in 1981 in L.A., CA…I got into speed metal around 1983…I really started feeling Motorhead – they were my gateway metal. Then I got into Venom, Oz, Voivod, Exciter, Raven, Metallica, Slayer & Exodus (I saw them perform @ the Mab in SF in 1983). I still love both hardcore & thrash metal!


And what types of music do you like these days?
MB: If you’re talking current music, right now I'm big into dancehall.

SR: Doom metal….grime…dancehall…d-beat…Lil Wayne…Pixies…post-punk…postive-punk (goth)…dub…& weirdo pop!

Do you play any instruments at all?
SR: My voice…I guess you could call me a singer.


What's the biggest obstacle when you started doing this retail business?
MB: That would probably be not knowing much about the business at first, and also trying to keep the integrity of the brand while the money was tight.

SR: I don’t believe in obstacles…whatever you perceive you can achieve!

You move a lot as a child (Kingston, California, London, New York). What did your parents do for a living while you were a child?
MB: My mom is a poet/folklorist/historian and my dad is a painter.

SR: Traveling is in my blood…my dad was a rolling stone & my mom is a chef!


Do you like travel a lot?
SR: Yep yep!

What are some of your favorite cities?
MB: I would have to say Kingston and New York because of the non stop inspiration!

SR: Saturn, the ocean, the moon…Ethiopia (but I have not been there yet) Tokyo & Rome!

Well, don't forget to visit Jakarta next time. So, any last words for all the RockersNYC lovers in Indonesia?
SR: Expect the unexpected…we could be in Jakarta at any time!….thanx for all of the support styles!

Awesome. Cheers guys!!!
See below for "The Sound & Fury"..