Thursday, 12 November 2009

MisShapes: An Interview

We've just met Geordon Nicol & Leigh Lezark last Thursday night at Payon and they're totally super awesome! They were playing last Friday @ Budha Bar - BLACKOUT'S 2ND BIRTHDAY BASH on last Friday. Yes, we're so glad to be able to hang out with them here, so sit tight and enjoy this interview.

Can you tell a bit story about how did you all meet together?
Leigh Lezark: We met just in New York in a party.
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, when we were 17, we're going out to clubs and bars and we met actually in a place where we had MisShapes.

And it was on the East Village, right?
Geordon Nicol: Yup!
Leigh Lezark: Yeah!
So, where's Greg?
Geordon Nicol: He's in New York, he has to DJ in New York. So because we work in so many different places, it's good we have 3 people because one person can be here and another people in another country. So, yeah, we're too busy to all be together.
Leigh Lezark: But we missed him, and he sends his love.

Alright, cool! So, another question. Do you like the Indonesian food?
Geordon Nicol & Leigh Lezark: Yeah, off course!

How's the humidity here?
Geordon Nicol: It's fine. it doesn't bother us. Well, New York is really really humid in the summer.
Leigh Lezark: But it's really really cold right now, so it's nice have a break.

How was your gig in Japan? Was it last night?
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, well, but it wasn't like a "gig", like we went to japan just to see friends. and then our friends owns the bar "labour on" in tokyo. so, we're just going to that bar every night and DJ-ing and just having fun with the people. It was good, and we were there for 5 days.

Only in Tokyo?
Leigh Lezark: No, we went to Kyoto for a day.
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, to see the temple and some old houses

I just knew that you were originally from Canada, right? Tell us a story about that.
Geordon Nicol: Yes, I came to NY because I hate living in Canada. It was very boring and it was near Toronto. Yeah, really really boring in Canada. I mean there's fun things there in Toronto and Montreal, there's a good scene there now but for me when I was like 16 I was going crazy living in Canada and I want something bigger, something better, so I just move to New York City.

And what about you Leigh?
Leigh Lezark: I came from New Jersey, it's about an hour and a half from new york. and since i was like 13 - 14 I've been take the bus and spent the whole night in New York and then take the next bus and go to school. So, the day i graduated in high school I know that's the place where I want it to be.

What are you wearing now, Leigh?
Leigh Lezark: Dior

Love it!

How about you Geordon?
Geordon Nicol: Balenciaga

So, what's your favorite designer?
Geordon Nicol: Karl Lagerfeld
Leigh Lezark: Karl Lagerfeld
Geordon Nicol: Well, Lagerfeld and another, Jeremy Scott. We love Jeremy. He's a friend of ours and Henry Holland, and we love Dior obviously. Kris van Assche is great, Sonia Rykiel and a brand from New York that we love called Obesity and Speed.

There's a rumour that you only wear Opening Ceremony?
Leigh Lezark: Hahaha...
Geordon Nicol: No, the people who own opening ceremony are really good friends of ours, and so, we shop a lot at opening ceremony. I mean, they're one of the best store in New York, and now LA and Tokyo as well, so their store is amazing. They carry amazing independent designers.
Leigh Lezark: Their own label is great too
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, their own label is great.

What's your favorite drink / liquor?
Geordon Nicol & Leigh Lezark: Vodka & Diet Coke!

So, what's your favorite city?
Leigh Lezark: New York, hahaha.
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, New York. Haha. Well, we love Spain.
Leigh Lezark: Yeah, the parties in Barcelona are amazing.
Geordon Nicol: And we love Mexico City. Mexico City is the best place to shop.
Leigh Lezark: Well, we love Tokyo as well.
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, we've been to China as well
Leigh Lezark: well, we've only been in Jakarta for like 3 hours, but it's been great so far.

What about London?
Geordon Nicol: hmmm, London's boring

Geordon Nicol: London is too...hmmm...well, i find nothing organic about London. But yeah, we work a lot in London, it's fun to go and we have a lot of friends there but as far as cities around the world, there are much better cities than London to go to. Mexico City is really a cool city to go to. For shopping, Mexico City is the best. The flea market are amazing. Really cheap and really good.
Leigh Lezark: Yeah, and we love Barcelona
Geordon Nicol: Yeah, the food, the people, the parties are amazing in Barcelona. Well, I'd rather be here in Jakarta than in London for sure. The thing about London is too thought out, when here people are more original. Like I look around on certain people, I prefer for the fashion sense of people here in Jakarta than in London for sure.

And how long are you gonna stay in Jakarta?
Geordon Nicol: 3 days, and then we go to Singapore and then Bali, then we go to San Francisco for the Channel event.
Leigh Lezark: And then we'll go to New York for like 3 days, Miami and then we have to go to Turkey after that.

About the Misshapes book, who's the photographer?
Geordon Nicol: Oh many people.
Leigh Lezark: Yeah, many people
Geordon Nicol: The photos on our website & in the book have been taken by me, by Leigh and by Greg. We also have 2 photographers that are friends of ours. In the book there's also photos from Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mark from Cobra Snake, and also tons of different people. But most of the photos was taken by us.
Leigh Lezark: All of the wall photos was taken by us.

Any plan for another Misshapes book? Maybe photos from people around the world?
Leigh Lezark: Yeah, maybe.
Geordon Nicol: Maybe another book, yeah. And yes, we're taking photos tomorrow.

Awesome! Yes, so I guess we'll gonna hang out at Casa after this and tomorrow at Budha Bar for sure.