Monday, 30 August 2010

April 77: F/W 10-11 Denim Collection

FW 10-11 collection sounds like a return to basics for APRIL77. Whispered by a mysterical runic text, the collection takes place somewhere between the nordic mythology and the occult folklore. Washes - raw black denim, used black denim, raw blue - are references to Nature, authentic and uncontrollable : rubb your jean on a tree bank and you will get the Stomp, polish your black coated denim and you will have the Warsaw, or find the Gene, a homemade rinsed indigo. Joey and Dictator, the 2 cults jeans of APRIL77, remain in this new collection, and the new hit comes with the Ride, a tappered fit. And for the very first time, APRIL77 adapts its basics to women, the waist band becoming perfectly shaped for women's hips. The famous androgynous Joey becomes Joey Lady, while a new style, the Jett, comes in a feu-de-plancher extra skinny fit.

The Runic alphabet, graphic thread, set up the mystical genesis of this FW 10-11 collection.

All pictures by Charlotte Ballesteros & Hubert Marot