Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cvlt Nation: Mixtape Vol.1 - Shadow of Man

CVLT NATION releases Vol.I of their mixtape series. This is a sonic blitzkrieg of blackened audio violence! CVLT Nation Vol.I highlights many super rad unsigned bands that will totally push your wig back, plus mad signed bands that bring the stench as well. No more words, just fucking listen to this mixtape! Make sure to peep the track list after the jump & scroll over the image for the download option.

CVLT Nation mixtape vol 1 by CVLTNation

CVLT Nation mixtape vol 1 by CVLTNation

CVLT Nation mixtape Vol.1 Track list:
1. Negative Standards : IV**
2. Kata Sarka : Riding A Wind Of Knives Into The Eye Of A Shitstorm**
3. Abyssgale : Process into the Abyss
4. Endless Disease : Destroy Your Fucking Life**
5. Volcanic Slut : Lunar Activities
6. Parasytic : Traitor
7. Children Of God : Sheep, Meet Blade**
8. NAILS : I Will Not Follow
9. Slaughtbbath : Total Warlust
10. BAPTISTS : Bachelor Degree Burn
11. God Harvest : Genetic Death**
12. Low Places : Detached**
13. ACEPHALIX : Warm Flesh
14. Little Sister : Old Gods**
15. Masakari : Abandoned
16. Young And In The Way : The Chaotic and Bloody World Around Us**
17. Political Terror : Meus Luctus**
18. Hazzard’s Cure : Prayer Of The Hunted**

Unsigned bands**