Friday, 15 June 2007

The Cassette Society

In just its third season, The Cassette Society is fast establishing a name as one of the leading brands in Australian fashion. This season, designer Katie Boyd has partnered with Tania Rickards, and the outcome is out of this world. The third installment of The Cassette Society is about to descend upon sparkle pop fans and glitter clad clans, and you’ll be humming the catchy tune of these garments long after you put them back in your wardrobe.

The Cassette Society’s Summer collection "Technicolour Love" shows a continuation of The Cassette Society’s musical roots, with bopping, shimmying and jiving, but incorporates femininity into the label’s sportswear roots, using fabrics such as premium silk, lightweight combed cotton, and sporty fibres including sportsmax. Featuring The Explosion, The Emblem, Space Floral and Heartshades yardage prints exclusively designed for The Cassette Society by graphics aficionados Elke Kramer and Briony Russell, this collection is perfect for anyone who loves the nightlife and has got to boogie on the disco highway