Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Moreeee P.A.M !!

What’s working in Australia like?
“It’s good in some sense; we rely on our own imaginations. We can also focus on working with little distraction when we’re in Melbourne. We have many peers, but they aren’t really here - we travel a lot to see our friends, which can be tiring. Spending 24-hours on a plane can really piss you off!”

What influence has your homeland had on your style?
”I think the thing that comes through our work that might be influenced by Australia isn’t visual, it has more to do with a free spirit. Australia is a bit like the Wild West. The white history here is so short (200 years) that there aren’t established ways to do things. You can make up your own rules. I think that freedom is easier to tap into here than in other places.”

What turns you on about Australia?
“The mix of people we have here all living together. I like the fact that I’m an Irish/Lebanese married to a Russian born in Australia. A lot of my friends have those sorts of mixed relationships. I hope it makes for a brighter future.”

Where else would you want to live?
”I’m up for trying another planet… or just a different dimension."

Words: Alexis Le-Tan