Thursday, 17 April 2008

IRONS: Dawn of a New Supergroup

Irons is a new supergroup made up of Jake Bannon from Converge, the artist Stephen Kasner and our old chum Dwid Van Hellion (he of Integrity, Roses Never Fade and a thousand apocryphal tales that have been circulating around hardcore for about 20 years) then you can go right ahead and take out ownership of the word.
Irons are a collaborative effort of these three artistic visionaries. A collective effort to create apocalyptic, non-linear music from a primal fine art based mindset.
(from left to right: Kasner, Bannon and Dwid. Pic of Irons taken by Dwid Helion)
Read more about their new “collaborative, cinematic, nonlinear, ethereal” project here!