Monday, 29 September 2008

Map of Africa

Map Of Africa is a band featuring the legendary DJ and musician Harvey Bassett and Thom Bullock of the Rub ‘n’ Tug DJ crew (also former of A.R.E. Weapons) combined forces of Tonka Soundsystem and balearic DJs wet dream. The two grew up together in eastern England and have been making music together since they were old enough to play. Map of Africa is an album of sleazy, psychedelic rock that has an underlying sound of funk and blues emerging through the bottom of the music, unlike anything that’s been released in recent years.
Map Of Africa has been released on Whatever We Want Records.

The Laughing Light of Plenty
Thomas Bullock (Map of Africa, Rub N Tug, ex-A.R.E. Weapons) and Eddie Ruscha make up The Laughing Light of Plenty and is out on Bullock's Whatever We Want Records as well. Go listen here.