Tuesday, 24 April 2007


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The metal underground comes together to pay tribute and lend a helping hand to New Orleans sludge heroes Eyehategod.
“It’s flattering, man; it’s crazy, really, that so many people were influenced by Eyehategod,” says Mike Williams, the Eyehategod frontman. Williams is flattered by the added attention the tribute album has given him and the band, but he’s also thoroughly enjoying the final product just like anyone else.
“Eyehategod’s always been this band that’s existed on a tightrope; I’ve had people come to see us and say, ‘We drove from so-and-so to see you because we don’t know if you’re going to overdose or break up, so we just want to catch you guys one last time.’ But for the most part, we’re going to stay together forever. I think this is something you can’t really kill. We’re like a bad foot fungus; we just keep coming back.”

Adrien Begrand