Tuesday, 24 April 2007

London Calling

Self-willed sibling-cities New York and London will forever be at odds over certain things. They serve up rock stars like we do cold beer, for one. But while fashion, the cutting-edge kind, has predominantly gone to the British as well, they’re now giving credit where credit is due. London’s Victoria & Albert Museum—having recently seen a retrospective for UK style iconoclast Vivienne Westwood off to the States—has organized an exhibition at home that admires—gasp!—American fashion.
New York Fashion Now curator Sonnet Stanfill narrowed down New York-based designers whose labels launched between 1999 and 2004 by category—Avant-garde, Atelier, Menswear, Celebrity, and yes, Sportswear Chic, showcasing not only their signature pieces, but also telling their start-up stories.

New York Fashion NowVictoria & Albert MuseumCromwell Rd., South KensingtonLondon