Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The Long Blondes

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Pop music died in Sheffield; The Human League are no more, Heaven 17 parted ways, Pulp disbanded, they even closed the National Centre For Pop Music in respect of the occasion. The dark clouds gathered and a city went quiet, mourned its losses, collected itself and waited. And Waited. Waiting for the flame of the music candle to flicker brightly once again; that wait could be over – with the nation looking expectantly at Arctic Monkeys, Milburn chomping at their heels with their jaunty pop melodies, but the real eyes of the music world are fixed upon a five piece who are creating a niche in an increasingly competitive pop world. The Long Blondes.

The Long Blondes came together through a series of chance encounters. Kate (lips), Dorian (licks), Reenie (hips), Screech (sticks) and Emma (high kicks) bumped into each other at public library counters, charity shop sale rails and the dancefloors of DIY club nights. It was deliciously inevitable that this lot would get together and form a band. The Long Blondes are the part of the next chapter of Sheffields idiosyncratic musical heritage: the suburban disco fantasies of the Human League, the opulent ridiculousness of ABC, the seedy glamour of Pulp.