Monday, 30 April 2007

Maud Shoes

exclusively at the The Pixie Market
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Holey Donuts: Very Low Fat Donuts!

No greasy aftertaste, zero trans fats,very low total fat (only 3 to 4 grams of total fat per donut vs. 20 grams of fat in other donuts! ) and 25% fewer calories. These are real donuts made with real donut ingredients.
"there is nothing "low fat" about the taste of these donuts" says one taster. Holey Donuts! is such a smart concept now we can eat more donuts and not look like one!

P.A.M women ss 07 collection

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Iggy & Lou Lou

Established in 2003, the iggy& lou lou limited edition jewelry and homeware collections draw the rich history of porcelain. Each piece is lovingly hand crafed and klin fired up to four times to attain the patina of buried treasure. Collections are rich wih hisorical references, decorative themes and narratives. From ocean dephs to forest folk, sixteenth century memento mori and the black and white character of film noir-influences imblue each piece with presence of a much-loved heirloom. The worl celebrates a myriad of contrast-love and loss, pleasure and fear, beauty and death. forever.
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SUNN O))) will be performing on Tuesday May 8th 07, Melbourne.
Damn, I wish I could be there!
They're gonna destroy everything in its awesome path!

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Bjork returns with a new album

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The pop landscape, not to mention the fashion scene, is always a duller place without Björk. So we're happy to report that the iconoclastic vocalist is back with a vengeance. After a four-year hiatus from touring (during which she spent quality time with her artist boyfriend, Matthew Barney, and their young daughter, Isadora), the Icelander is headlining this month's bigger-than-ever Coachella Music Festival. What's more, the Indio, Calif., concert coincides with the release of her much-awaited new album, out May 8. On Volta, she pairs up with hip-hop producer and hit single wunderkind Timbaland, promising tracks as catchy as Justin's but branded with Björk's taste for the bizarre. At times, she's backed by a ten-piece, all-female brass band.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Style watch: The Shemagh T-shirt


London Calling

Self-willed sibling-cities New York and London will forever be at odds over certain things. They serve up rock stars like we do cold beer, for one. But while fashion, the cutting-edge kind, has predominantly gone to the British as well, they’re now giving credit where credit is due. London’s Victoria & Albert Museum—having recently seen a retrospective for UK style iconoclast Vivienne Westwood off to the States—has organized an exhibition at home that admires—gasp!—American fashion.
New York Fashion Now curator Sonnet Stanfill narrowed down New York-based designers whose labels launched between 1999 and 2004 by category—Avant-garde, Atelier, Menswear, Celebrity, and yes, Sportswear Chic, showcasing not only their signature pieces, but also telling their start-up stories.

New York Fashion NowVictoria & Albert MuseumCromwell Rd., South KensingtonLondon

Boris with Michio Kurihara

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Bore us? Never!
The US trade deficit just keeps rising, and one reason behind the gap is no doubt the number of albums churned out by Japanese power trio Boris. Unnamed sources within the White House claim that the Bush administration has been dreading the band’s inevitable team-up with Ghost, another one of the Land of the Rising Sun’s most prolific outfits. That hasn’t quite happened. (The Commerce Secretary wipes his brow as he reads Drag City’s new release output. “Bullet dodged,” he says. “Bullet dodged.”) But Rainbow, Boris’ collaboration with Ghost guitarist Michio Kurihara, comes pretty damn close.

Those among you who are somewhat bitter about the high quality of Boris’ recent release schedule will be p.o.’d to learn that, yes, this is yet another hit, a disc that exploits the band’s more tuneful tendencies. That is, it’s good-to-great. Just don’t expect the blistering blooz rock of Pink, the trio’s last proper full-length. Or the avant doom of Altar, Boris’ so-recent-it-makes-you-wonder-how-they-even-book-studio-time collaboration with Sunn O))). Do, however, expect a very groovy, very in-control set of psych pop tunes. To this Kurihara adds plenty of frizzled-fried guitar that sounds as if it was recorded at a much more aggressive session. It’s a superior hard rock product. And fast.
Brent Burton


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The metal underground comes together to pay tribute and lend a helping hand to New Orleans sludge heroes Eyehategod.
“It’s flattering, man; it’s crazy, really, that so many people were influenced by Eyehategod,” says Mike Williams, the Eyehategod frontman. Williams is flattered by the added attention the tribute album has given him and the band, but he’s also thoroughly enjoying the final product just like anyone else.
“Eyehategod’s always been this band that’s existed on a tightrope; I’ve had people come to see us and say, ‘We drove from so-and-so to see you because we don’t know if you’re going to overdose or break up, so we just want to catch you guys one last time.’ But for the most part, we’re going to stay together forever. I think this is something you can’t really kill. We’re like a bad foot fungus; we just keep coming back.”

Adrien Begrand

Lily Loves New Look collection

For Lily’s inspiration, she looked into her closet full of 300 dresses. Expect to see bright and breezy patterns and lots of happy colors in her collection, all her dresses are super-girly but you don’t have to be a size 0 to wear her dresses. To learn more about the Loves New Look collection visit

Feist - The Reminder

Scheduled to release May 1st U.S and Canada / April 23rd Worldwide
more info:

Monday, 23 April 2007

Andrea Crews

Andrea Crews combines several aspects of the contemporary creation. Between art and fashion, it presents and stages its collections as performances, happening, or video clip, creating multiple events between art and the every day life. Andrea Crews federates and joins with actors of the contemporary cultural scene: artists, stylists, video directors, Djs, coming from different horizons, but stemming from the same popular and eccentric, experimental and playful culture...
Crews's project bases on the use and the reinterpretation of the second-hand garment, it is a social, economic and ethical choice. Andrea Crews transforms tons of secondhand clothes into unique pieces.
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Sunshine and Shadow

Sunshine and Shadow Autumn/ winter '07 collection..reinterpreted classics cut from unexpected fabrics.
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Lonely Hearts Club

Aimee McFarlane, Helene morris and Steve Ferguson are the three kids behind the Lonely Hearts Club label whose collections combine flannelette jumpsuiting, high-waisted acid wash and graphic-print leisurewear inspired by musings as to what it would be like to live on the moon… and Saturday morning cartoons.
You can purchase their work they’d politely suggest the following: White Trash Charms in LA; I Heart in New York; Buddy Love in Melbourne; Coterie in Sydney; and their own concept store My Hart in Auckland.

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Terror fashion is about to invade cities. The new French brand Anticon is launching a new concept of hooded sweatshirts. Graffiti artists, people with acne, snowboarders or simply superheroes would certainly be into them. To order your sweatshirt, you'll have to wait a few more weeks but we wanted you to be first in the know. Definitely an eye-catching fashion statement!

Something Else

Something Else has developed from the brand 'Something'.... Natalie Wood is a designer that has had two previous successful independent labels. 'SAMPLE' during the 90's and more recently 'BEAUTY OF NATURE'. She is now designer/creative director of Something and Something Else...

Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

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When a group of schoolgirls from an elite Victorian finishing school embark on a Valentine's day excursion to an unusual outcropping of volcanic rock, four members of the party are drawn towards the summit, where they experience powerful forces of time, nature, and eroticism, and vanish into thin air. This meticulously crafted Australian film displays a remarkable sense of eerie foreboding and lush surrealist sensibility, which have earned it a rabid cult following.

Director: Peter Weir

The Rebel Clan

Daisy Lowe has rock-and-roll in her blood and the edgiest clothes in her wardrobe. She’s the daughter of Powder vocalist Pearl Lowe (currently she launched her line of beautiful vintage inspired dresses and producing lace curtains and tablecloths) and Gwen Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale and she grew up around musicians and the trendy Primrose Hill set. As a result her style is ultra casual and chic, which is perfect to emulate if you don’t fancy getting too glammed up for your next night out.

Daisy Lowe
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Lowe's Clothing line
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Sunday, 22 April 2007

Style watch: Accessories

1) Turban headband

2) white-frame sunglasses
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Splendour in The Grass

Australia’s premier mid winter music festival will return to the beautiful sub tropical environs of Byron Bay for its 7th birthday this August. The event will again take place at BELONGIL FIELDS but at a slightly later than usual timeframe of SATURDAY AUGUST 4TH and SUNDAY AUGUST 5TH and will feature a stellar cast of music performers from here and around the globe.

SATURDAY AUGUST 4TH Powderfinger, Kaiser Chiefs, Lily Allen, Sarah Blasko, Tilly & The Wall, Grinspoon, The Hold Steady, Hot Chip, Cat Empire, Blue King Brown and Sara Tindley
SUNDAY AUGUST 5TH Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Hoodoo Gurus, Hilltop Hoods, Klaxons, The Shins, The Dirty Three, Expatriate, Josh Pyke. Airbourne and The Ride
All the blurbs and pix of these acts and the festival info you need can be found at

Nouvelle Vague Live in Jakarta

Playing your all time favorite New Wave 80's songs in BossanovaCome down , drink wine , relax to the magnificent tunes of Nouvelle VagueIt will be a poolside concert , so wear something fun & light like shorts and bikinis (there will be a contest with prices!) Bring extra cash for food and drinksAfter party with DJ Glen, Ebby & Anggarez.
Tickets Rp 250 000, available starting Friday April 20th 07 at these places :
Jl Kemang Raya 8b phone : 021 7199283,
Plaza Indonesia phone : 021 3107711
Cilandak Town Square : 021 75920347
Aquarius Mahakam :Jl. Mahakam I/5 ,Kebayoran baruJakarta

Supported by DUNHILL "the perfectionists in tobacco" & CCF JAKARTA

MAY 11TH 2007

Graphic Tees by Lux

Lux cotton tee with a graphic message at the front

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Shop online at

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Jeffrey Campbell is shoe label from from Spain. Their philosophy are to make high quality shoes with great creativity in small production quantities. Many styles produce less than 100 pairs for the entire world.

Leather sandal with a slight heel and criss cross upper topped with a tonal gladiator-style shaft and wraparound straps
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Streamlined jazz shoe in soft leather with coordinating laces and textured rubber soles
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shop online at:

Erwin Olaf: Grief

Photographer and filmmaker Erwin Olaf brings back his stylish combination of art, fashion and emotion to his new series called Grief. Olaf’s highly-stylized and digitally-manipulated pictures bring the beauty and glamor back into being depressed. Lone figures wearing perfect clothes and waiting in perfect rooms stare woefully at the floor or out the window, or wipe tears from their eyes. Even his color palette is flawlessly melancholy. His work was recently featured on the cover of the launch issue of Spread Art Culture Magazine. You can see more of his work, including his commercial campaign images for Diesel, Mooi and Kohler, on his website

Another mag

There is no other magazine that mixes both men’s and women’s lifestyle and fashion tastes as powerfully as ANOTHER MAGAZINE. No other magazine gives you such diverse content alongside such poignant and outstanding fashion photography. Made in both New York and London, the magazine brings the international fashion community closer together. The most talented and highly sought-after photographers, stylists, editors and writers in the world collaborate to make each issue of ANOTHER MAGAZINE a landmark issue. ANOTHER MAGAZINE is the only fashion magazine that influences both the mainstream and the cutting edge, taking an inspiring picture of the world of fashion to the masses. It is luxurious, beautiful, collectable, influential and unforgettable. Certainly no ordinary magazine.

Dr Denim

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Shown for the first time in August 2004, family run Dr Denim Jeansmakers unveiled a world of denim - a new Scandinavian interpretation of fashion denim with focus on the product. Experimental fits, forbidden combinations, anachronistic details and a "fair" price have been the decisive features of the collection's success.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Style Watch: Lovefoxx

Its impossible to take your eyes off Cansei De Ser Sexy front woman Luisa Lovefoxx energy rush and the way she dress on stage. Printed leggings, coloured tights and graphic tee's is a must.

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Bonde Do role

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The trio Bonde do Role (“the Rollercoaster Band”) hailing from the city of Curitiba, Brazil, who were instantly discovered and signed by Diplo as the first artists on his label.
Bonde Do Role churned out their own brand of Portuguese rhymes over a barrage of mashups, tangible samples, and arena rock guitar riffs, which are sampled as well.
With a drunken member of the crowd intermittently tooting his air-horn, Bonde Do Role played tracks like "Melo Do Tabaco" with a beat that consists of the mashing up of the instrumental components of Alice in Chain's "Man in the Box" and Tone Loc's "Wild Thing." When writing this tune, Bonde Do Role obviously didn't feel the need to write a chorus because the late Layne Staley's wordless "yaaah yaaah yaaah yie yie yo" did just fine. Between tracks, Ribatski would spit out sexual innuendos in English, and in the middle of them, she would point at specific people and shout, "Hey, you're not dancing!" Their set was closed out with "Solta O Frago," and while most of the crowd wasn't fluent in their language, they were able to wave their hands and scream along to the "OLE!" part.

Divine Feminine

Based in L.A.'s gritty-hip enclave of Echo Park, designer Kristin Dickson has been bringing an even sunnier perspective to the SoCal fashion scene. With cleverly thought-out shapes, fresh lines, and a mix of unexpected details, her finely tuned collection called Rowena Sartin has been steadily gaining notice among dressers of purpose.
Like most young designers, Dickson is shaping her own view of modern relaxed femininity, one that is all her own.

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Rebel Yell

Mexican-born designer Renata Morales turns up the volume on the Canadian fashion scene. Her brazen use of prints and embellishments are counter-balanced by woman-friendly seams and baby-doll-inspired cuts on dresses and ruffled tops.
Morales says she is not inspired by a single theme but by a series of thoughts and influences. "Music, to me, could be the highest form of art that communicates without time or borders," she says. The same can be said for her painting and design aesthetic. Morales recently held an exhibition of her artwork entitled Carnet de Reves wherein ghostly abstract sketches are doused in overlapping red, blue, and beige paint, creating the effect of a vibrantly streaked canvas.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Style icon: Agyness Dean

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Agyness Dean, the elfin model muse to Henry Holland, sported bright apple green high waisted flares with a rock 'n' roll T-shirt to pioneer the latest summer trend.