Sunday, 12 October 2008

Obesity & Speed: S/S 09 - Interview with Lyz Olko

Obesity and Speed was born in a small basement apartment in New York City four years ago, its creators two best friends who needed little sleep and had a shared desire to create something special. You might remember Obesity and Speed as the line with the rocking Misfit sweater dresses or perhaps as the line that made even cooler gloves than Chanel or the one of a kind stagewear for the british band The Horrors. Anyway, we're so tremendously happy having this interview with one of our favorite label. Well, enjoy this interview with the one and only, Lyz Olko of Obesity and Speed, as well as their latest S/S 09 Collection modelled by the 18-year-old aspiring actress, Isabelle McNally.

HPDC: Who is Obesity & Speed?
Lyz Olko: Obesity and Speed is an idea sprung from the restless minds and hands of two best friends, Lyz Olko and Josh Conner.

HPDC: Where do you come from?
Lyz Olko: New York City based

HPDC: How did you come up with the name for the brand? What's the deal with the name?
Lyz Olko: The name “Obesity and Speed” is derived from song lyrics of a punk band that Josh and I both were fans of when we were younger. The name, contrary to popular belief, is not a play on fashion’s standard of beauty, regarding weight and whatnot. It’s intended to be humorous without any serious underlying commentary.


HPDC: What jobs did you do before Obesity & Speed?

Lyz Olko: There was no "before" Obesity and Speed

HPDC: What made you decide to start Obesity & Speed? How did it all start?
Lyz Olko: Idea came from dreams and nightmares, need for little sleep, and desire to create something special

HPDC: How would you describe Obesity & Speed?
Lyz Olko: Our aesthetic is constantly evolving but firmly rooted in the darker side of things. The graphics are mostly hand-drawn or assorted from photographs and other images. As for the pieces themselves, our technique has definitely improved since its inception. We’re moving away from deconstructed pieces into more finished garments, and experimenting with new prints and colors.

HPDC: What is your design process? Where do you take inspiration from?
Lyz Olko: We take inspiration from many things, most are private and special to us, but most of all from each other.


HPDC: Could you tell us about your 'Nothing Sacred' S/S 09 Collection?

Lyz Olko: The Nothing Sacred collection is a special women's collection we are doing with Urban Outfitters. It consists of dresses, sweatshirts, graphic tanks and tees. Many of our signature silhouettes are included in the collection, such as our tie back tank top and variations on our braided tops and dresses. Each garment also comes with 3 graphic pins. It has been an amazing experience so far working on this collection, as it has enabled us to reach more people than ever before.

HPDC: And what can we expect to see the next Obesity & Speed S/S 09 Collection?
Lyz Olko: It is online now! check it out here!


HPDC: What music do you listen to?

Lyz Olko: What we listen to is secret............

HPDC: Is there any person that inspires you?
Lyz Olko: Each other

HPDC: What are your feelings towards New York City?
Lyz Olko: Time for change

HPDC: Tell me about some of your favorite things right now?
Lyz Olko: At home sewing listening to music....changing of the seasons...........movies

HPDC: Any plans for the future?
Lyz Olko: We’re working right now to grow the business. We’ve collaborated with Earnest Sewn, Oak, Nylon, and most recently with Urban Outfitters, creating a women’s collection entitled Nothing Sacred. We started out in our apartment. In the next few years we’ll definitely be outgrowing this initial stage. We still print and sew most things ourselves out of our apartment as well. We have an extremely hands-on approach to our label. It’s our baby, and we like to be involved in every aspect of its “life”.

HPDC: What's your vision?
Lyz Olko: Our vision for Obesity & Speed is to continue to grow both creatively and as a business. We’d love to branch out further into other things as well. We are also very lucky to be able to work with many of our good friends, and we always want it to be that way.

HPDC: Last words?
Lyz Olko: Last words for the people of Indonesia, thanks for supporting Obesity and Speed!!!

Many thanks to Lyz Olko and Josh Conner. We love you guys!

Look the entire Obesity and Speed S/S 09 Collection and buy through their online store here.