Monday, 26 March 2007

Love of Diagrams

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You know those times when you're walking down the street listening to your iPod and feeling really surly—like you're totally stomping through the East Village or stalking your way down the subway platform, like you wanna listen to something really tough—
something that would match your "don’t step to me, bitches" sort of 'tude? Well, you could listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the five billionth time or you could bust out some old Bikini Kill song—or you could listen to the new self-titled EP from Love of Diagrams. I usually cringe when I hear things being compared to old U.K. post-punk, but (for once!) that would probably be the most apt description for this Australian band.

Urgent, tuneful, smart, angry, and suitable for pogo-ing around your home, this EP should tide you over until Matador releases the band's full-length debut, Mosaic, in April.

This a great cover the band does of "Cool"—the old Pylon tune, not the Gwen Stefani ballad.

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