Saturday, 31 March 2007


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You may know him as the bassist of Boston’s rock outfit Cave-In, the or even as a contributor to the epic “art-metal” project Old Man Gloom. But Caleb Scofield is back, and he’s stepping into the spotlight for the first time, taking the helm and commanding his own new project, Zozobra.
What were your main motivations / inspirations behind the creation of Zozobra?
Caleb: I've had the idea of trying to do a record of my own songs for some time now, but it was hard to really dedicate time to it with Cave-In being so busy. It wasn't until after we finished touring on Perfect Pitch Black that I just kind of made myself set aside some studio time and really sit down and concentrate on making the idea become a reality.
It’s hard not to notice influence from your earlier projects, namely Cave In and Old Man Gloom, in Harmonic Tremors. In your mind, is Zozobra supposed to be a progression of either project or are you aiming to take this somewhere completely different?
I agree, the influences from my other musical endeavors are pretty obvious on this record. I hope as Zozobra progresses it will become more of it's own entity and less reliant on old formulas. It's still a new band though, there's still plenty of time to evolve.
Soon you’ll be heading out on your first tour with Zozobra, supporting ISIS and Jesu. Do you have any concerns about performing the material live for the first time? Has your need for fill-in members complicated your preparations?
Concerns? Yeah, I have concerns. I have fucking nightmares about it on a regular basis. I'm about to open for two of my favorite bands with Zozobra and we don't even really exist, at this point it's still a recording project. Adam and Jim from Clouds have agreed to help out though, and they're great. I know that they will be able settle some of my fears and bring an energy to the songs that doesn't exist on the record.
What do you see in the future for Zozobra? Is this just a one-time deal or can we expect to see more?
I definitely plan on continuing this. I would like to do some more minimal touring for this record and then try and record again as soon as possible. Also the idea of finding some other members that could be full time is something that is exciting to Santos and I. We'll see...
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